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On choosing an SRP Project

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    So, next year I will be taking a wonderful course: Science Research Project. I have been comtemplating an idea for a project this summer and have gotten a few ideas. Now, I want the project to be highly original, but at the same time, a project that will be done over the course of 2 years. I am starting this sophomore year in hopes of developing a projecgt to enter in the Simiens and Intel competition. I have thought about applications of gene silencing to phenylketonuria and CF, but I'm not sure how original this is. Also, whatever the difficulty of the project is, that's fine. I'm very serious about this and have a passion for science. It's just that I'm too good with ideas. Or I am but I'm self-conscious. Probably the latter. Anyway, does anyone have good ideas or a wway to turn my so-so project idea into publishable intel level westinghouse finalistish. :). BTW, I have big shoes to fill. My neighbors son was a finalist in intel a few years back. Thank you all and have a good day.

    - Ecogen44
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