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On enlightenment

  1. Sep 6, 2003 #1
    brian: how do i achieve enlightenment?

    phoenix: well, what is enlightenment?

    brian: umm, i don't know.

    phoenix: well how to you expect to get there if you don't know where it is, if you don't have a map?

    brian: umm, i have no idea. but my HUNCH is that i can get there.

    phoenix: that is my hunch as well. enlightenment, in my humble opinion, is having all of the following three properties: omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence.

    brian: how many people have reached enlightenment? can i seek out their teachings?

    phoenix: i only know one being who has reached this. but in fact, there could be three. or perhaps 666. maybe 12. how about 5? maybe infinitely many! if you have two beings all with exactly the same properties, completely in every way, both absolutely perfect, then are they really different beings? brian, what i want to tell you is that there is no map except as the first enlightened being reveals it to us. it teaches us in absolutely every experience you have. only you aren't learning from them. i'm not enlightened, but i am more so than you.

    brian: thank you, kind teacher.
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    Are you a Buddhist or a zen person?
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    a buddhist who believes in God, i suppose.
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    here lies the wrong path for humans to perceive (in my opinion)...is it necessary to define us to our beliefs?
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    see my signature for one philosophy! :wink:
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    So, enlightenment is equated with God or perhaps the devil or both. I wouldn't call that a terribly humble opinion much less goal! It reminds me of one of my favorite jokes.

    A Zen master and a Hindu Guru were waiting on the peir for the fairy boat. The Guru looked at the master and said, "I've spent the last twenty years learning to walk on water. Why are we waiting for the fairy? Come on, I'll show you how it's done." The Zen master looked startled and said, "You've spent twenty years learning to walk on water? Why? The fairy is only a dime and it's a long walk across the bay!"
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    check out "on removing little self taint from messages received from the source." it definitely coincides with your signature; it's all about stillness and not letting the ego (little self) control your interpretation of messages received from God.

    may your journey be graceful,
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