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On homosexuality, resurrection and physical immortality

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    On www.world-mysteries.com/PhilipGardiner/forbidden_letters.htm you can read the so called Forbidden Letters to Philip Gardiner. They are about alchemy which is supposed to be the 'goal of evolution', the authors say. Alchemy is another word for God they say, i.e. deification (there is no God outside/and somebody says, along the way 'religion is myth misunderstood').

    In letter number 5 quantum physics are discussed. And in the article by the CE2 (the link to that article is on top of the letters) alchemy is named as the one force that fights entropy, and hence 'evolution proper' (sic).

    In the article by Hugo Palts (link is on top of the letters too) there is speculation on biophotons and cold-fusion also.

    Love to hear your opinion on this all. :rolleyes:

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    Is this like the Da Vinci Code?

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    The da Vinci-Code is fiction (Dan Brown admits that). Mary Magdalene as the Grail.

    This story is quite different.:smile: The Grail is supposed to be a microsmic stone (Of Transmutation/the living stone (or Christ) of 1 Peter 2:4)).

    Very convincing in my opinion. But you have to read all through.
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    A new article on the Letters has been published. By David Goldberg. Link is on top of the Letters.

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