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On Hotel Drinking Glasses

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    "The Hidden Truth Behind Hotel Drinking Glasses"
    http://www.divinecaroline.com/article/22250/39039 [Broken]
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    Doc Al

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    I only stay at cheap hotels that have plastic drinking cups.
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    It's only a problem for water-drinking weenies. Just filling your glass to the rim with hard liquor is a simple approach to good health.
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    Most places I've stayed have those anymore, and that's what I opt for. Though, if you have a bottle of soda, why bother pouring it into a glass anyway? Just drink from the bottle.

    The only time the cups and glasses get used in hotel rooms I've been in is when a male companion uses them for rinsing his razor while shaving. (Now you're probably WISHING it was just someone's old soda and lipstick on it.)

    Having NEVER seen drinking glasses on the carts the cleaning staff pushes around unless they're the disposable kind, I've assumed for a long time that they aren't really cleaned. If I do desperately need to use one, I wash it myself.
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    They rinse them in Scotland. With bleach.
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    That is so gross.
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    Always wash your hotel dishes before use.

    I like the idea that the holiday inn had, about individually wrapped single use cups.
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    Meh, once you've eaten a live spider, nothing will faze you. Give it a try!
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