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On numerical calculation of Lift Force via Potential Flow

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    I want to compute numerically a POTENTIAL STEADY and INCOMPRESSIBLE flow over an airfoil. The set up of the problem is:
    [tex] \nabla^2\phi=0[/tex]
    [tex]\nabla\phi \cdot \overline{n}\big)_{x=surface}=0[/tex] no normal velocity component on the airfoil surface.
    [tex]\nabla \phi=\overline{U_\infty}[/tex] as [tex]x\rightarrow\infty[/tex] external flow at large distances.
    The three main questions which arise are the next:
    i) Is it possible to obtain an steady solution of this stuff?
    ii) Am I going to obtain any Lift force?. Why?
    Thanx for participating in this discussion.
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