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On Physics and Philosophy

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    Has anyone read "On Physics and Philosophy" by Bernard d'Espagnat? If so are there any suggestions for books to be read prior to it?

    I started it last night, and so far (5 pages) it seems within my grasp. I have a feeling because I haven't taken quantum yet though that lack of knowledge is going to get in my way eventually.
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    are you reading it in french or is it translated? cause In my experience unless the book is really old and thus really well understood, translations suck. With or without the author's participation. They just can't be understood on the same level.
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    It's in English. It's a new book, 2006. I can not find who translated the book. But the preface to the English edition was written by him and he said he had to only make a few changes to the book so that it was coherent in English. This gives me the impression he either was the translator or worked with the translator.

    Have you read it?
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