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On superconductors and magnets

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    source:British physics olymp. 1995:cool:
    a small slab of material is placed on a dish containing liquid nitrogen.The material is a superconductor at the temperature of liquid nitrogen.A small but strong magnet is moved near and placed over the slab.The magnet is seen to wobble but remains suspended over the slab.
    :smile: describe the motion of the magnet qualitatively(if possible derive an equation of motion by assuming standard constants like temperature,mass,gravity etc.)
    :smile: suggest the reason for the wobbling motion of the magnet.
    o:) Can anyone suggest me links on the web for:
    1. national phy. olymp. papers of different countries?
    2.study matter on the concepts and the application method in context of the above problem?
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    The first picture in the article addresses the magnet levitation situation you are asking about. You can also follow the links at the end of the article for more information. Welcome to the PF, _anant.
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    :rolleyes: thanks for providing that link.But really i need help in making out the equations of the motion of the magnet so as to visualize its motion.:cry:
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    what other common physics problem could you connect to wobbling?
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    in order to give define the rate and concentrations of reactants and products at given time we need to define a rate law
    similarly motion has to be analyzed in terms of differential equations in order to describe any type of motion.:tongue:
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