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On the acceleration of energy.

  1. Jul 17, 2014 #1
    Just a thought I had and I need some constructive feedback. What if the answer to the question in quantum theory of "what's waving" is really energy? Let's say the energy of a photon was oscillating between extremes, think amplitudes, and it's acceleration from 0 to max and back to 0 is represented graphically by a wave. For something as small as say a photon the frequency is high and the amplitude very small. As the energy oscillates over the small distance of the amplitude of the photon it accelerates and because it's such a small scale the relativistic effects are negligible due to the small amount of energy present and that it accelerates over a very short distance. Now let the wavelength approach 0. The frequency approaches infinity as does the energy of the photon. Could it be that all matter emerged from a point of light who's energy was near infinite at the beginning of the big bang? This point of light had energy near infinity that was oscillating and as it did so relativistic effects kicked in from gravity condensing energy into matter. This matter engine produced a lot of matter in a very short time and in the process that matter interacted with other matter creating light of it's own in the decaying process as some particles are very short lived. These decays produce light and other particles that then collide with other particles and forms of light created by the matter engine. As matter is hurled out of the matter engine it begins to interact and coalesce with other matter via static forces and then gravity to eventually produce the universe as we know it. I appreciate any and all feedback, I just ask that you be respectful. The sharing of ideas is what makes physics great even if those ideas seem strange and bizarre.
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    Isn't that inconsistent with conservation of enegy?
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    You have a misunderstanding of what energy is. I suggest you read up on it. In the meantime, personal theories are not allowed here on PF as per the rules. Thread locked.
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