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On what should i concentrate?

  1. Apr 30, 2009 #1
    on what should i concentrate???

    Hi!! i am currently studying physics undergrad. Next year i will choose my field of concentration. i am not planning to do M.S. or PhD degree. What should i choose ?there are seven options:
    1. test and measurement
    2. plasma physics
    3. particle, nuclear and atomic physics
    4. optoelectronics
    5. mathematical physics and relativity
    6. condensed matter physics
    7. astrophysics
    pleased with any help....
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    Re: on what should i concentrate???

    - What subjects have you most enjoyed so far?
    - Have you done any extra-cirricular reading, and if so, into what fields?
    - What areas do you find most interesting?
    - If you are not planning on pursuing graduate studies, what are you planning to do with your education once you have it? Perhaps orienting your classes towards picking up some marketable skills will provide you with a few more job options once you graduate.
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    Re: on what should i concentrate???

    To be employable, I'd lean towards 1,4, or 6 if you plan to work in a small company... if you plan to work at a national lab or facility that specializes...maybe 2,3, or 7, but I'd still think 6 a good bet for this (many of the national labs do a lot of materials characterization). Note: 6 is the LARGEST division of physics. For working at a military lab, 4 might be good (for sensor/imaging/communication applications).

    5 might help you in the financial field... but I don't think that's all that positive right now in terms of employment possibilities.

    Again: Choppy gives the best advice... what interests you and what are you planning to do after graduation?
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    Re: on what should i concentrate???

    Well...... i do not know which subjects interested me more. (i found them all equally intersting). what i liked most is doing experiments. to be honest, i choose physics because i wnted to invent smthing that is useful. but now, i hardly think that i may be able to invent smthg.
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