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Once I graduate with a CE...

  1. Jan 11, 2016 #1
    What skills should I focus on developing for when I graduate? I have experience with various controllers, PID loop tuning, PLC programming, I have a lot of experience with excel, etc. I'm also learning how to program in Python so that I can write custom programs to help out with mathematics permutations(for fun, I am a math geek), I'm dabbling in computer forensics (it's also helping me learn Python), I'm working towards my Net+, and I am working towards my electrical license.

    I am assuming this should be enough to land me a job upon graduation but since I don't really have any experience with engineering I prefer to ask working professionals. I've never spoken with someone with a CE that works in the industry, just an EE and a Mechatronics Engineering intern, so that is why I made this thread.

    I guess I am asking for direction so that upon graduation I have the experience needed to at least get a foot in the door.
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    In a CE curriculum, you will develop the skills you need for entry level work. Spend time working on projects that utilize those skills so that you have something to show potential employers. Internships are very helpful, as well.

    Also, unless you want to work as a systems administrator, Net+ isn't really helpful.
  4. Jan 11, 2016 #3
    I may do an internship so long as it is paid. From what I have read engineering internships are paid quite well.

    It's just filling in a gap with my current knowledge. The knowledge gained from the Net+ is applicable towards PLC programming as well as computers. I'm fairly well versed in computer hardware but when it comes to networking my knowledge is really lacking and this has been an issue at my job since we have a number of networked PLCs.
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