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One BB - I Don't Think So

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    ... hi everyone ... ... I'm here by pure "accident", ... I was just searching the net using the question - Why one Big Bang ? ... and found discussion about this in here ( I forgot where it was and I had no time to search, so ... ) ... ... >>> I'm a member of FC philosophy forum and back there one of the members started a thread called [ The Big Bang ] ... ... ... the discussion is still "alive" and it's nothing more but another battle between ( us ) atheists and theists ... God did the job? ... did not? ... bla bla bla , ... ... however, God or not, it's about BB ... so, I'm a little suspicious about ...

    ... you definitely had the same thread/s here ... ... anyway, ... I'd like to hear your opinions ...
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    ... just to say I'm in pass here ... I won't be long ...
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    ... I see you have philosophy at general discussion ... maybe I will spend some time here afteral since I'm a philosopher and a good one, ... philosophical issues are my "only" interest ...
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    "Why only one BB"? Because there isn't evidence (AFAIK) for more than one. Anything outside of evidence enters outside the realm of what is accepted in science. If there was evidence, then the idea would gain acceptance.

    Nevertheless, the hypothesis of multiple universes is not new in physics. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiverse, for example.
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    Yes but "multiverses" is a different theory from others such as "big bounce" which more specifically theorise about our own universe having bb cycles.

    "multiverses" were originally designed to be an explanation for the biophillic tuning of our universe.
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    When I first saw this post I thought it was for Big Brother.

    So you're a self confessed "good philosopher". Does that mean you can't find an answer to anything, or that you have an answer for everything?

    Broadly speaking, discussion of the big bang enters into philosophy when questions regarding untestable scenarios are raised. That isn't to say the same isn't done by scientists, but scientists will get nowhere if they don't produce some refutable claims or evidence of a theory's sucess/falsification. Regarding your opening post you ask questions that basically have no accertainable answer, but can only be discussed on grounds of plausability. In this context I would have to err on the side of the concept of a multiverse, but I would ascribe no weight to this preference as it's based on an incomplete and/or deluded understanding
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    Hi there Nenad G and welcome,

    The question of what/if anything proceeded the big bang event, is not one of philosophy. I would not be so quick to jump on a bandwagon without doing some serious research. Head over to the Cosmology Forum or search through some old post. You can also start here: http://arxiv.org/"

    Use the search function and look for the more recent articles on the Standard Model of cosmology or just big band theory.

    If you want to jump right in to a more technical discussion of how we are currently attempting to answer this question search Quantum Cosmology and look for articles dated 2005+.

    If you have some cash, consider purchasing this promising book: https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Big-Bang-Prospects-Collection/dp/3540714227/"

    Keep in mind Nenad G, We currently do not know the answer. Be cautious of any one who claims other wise. But that is not to say that there is no research being done. Much of this is promising with better observational evidence, but you must take these propositions with a grain of salt.
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