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A One Century Anniversary of Karl Schwarzschild's Paper

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    January 13, 2016 will be the one hundredth anniversary of Karl Schwarzschild's paper on the solution to the GR field equations around a spherically symmetric gravitating body.

    You can find an English translation here: http://arxiv.org/pdf/physics/9905030v1.pdf

    I urge everyone to read it. You will find there is no basis for a coordinate singularity (Black Hole Event Horizon) but only a physical singularity at the origin (null punkt).

    It is time for a very serious discussion of this aberration of astrophysics (the Black Hole Event Horizon).
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    Actually, it wasn't just Schwarschild who found this solution, I believe the Dutch mathematician Droste also found it around the same time. See e.g.

    http://www.ptep-online.com/index_files/2006/PP-05-10.PDF [Broken]

    Edit Not sure about the rest of its content.
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    See http://arxiv.org/abs/1308.0394 (section III) for a discussion of what is wrong with Loinger's translators comment, and also with erroneous opinion of the OP. This is all very well trod math and physics. Repetition of misunderstandings does not improve them.

    One thing the above paper doesn't do is compute the area of a surface of given 'funny radial coordinate' for a given t. If you do this, you find, for Schwarzschild's original radial coordinate, the limit of area as the coordinate goes to zero is NOT zero. This establishes that the radial coordinate=0 doe NOT discribe a point; it describes a sphere.
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    PAllen's post is all that needs to be said. Thread closed.
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