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Homework Help: One Dimension Free-Fall Problem

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    5. Sue is watching Hugh 7.2 meters below her when she sees him throw a ball up to hit her. She pulls in her head, but Hugh purposely threw the ball hard enough to hit her on his way down 1 second after it passes her on the way up. Explain how hugh figured this out...

    I used a sort of system of equations...but it is comin out to 16.66 as the Vo, but when i plug it into the equation, it doesnt fit the other times
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    come on ya'll, i need some real help
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    woah EASYYYY on the help
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    this is the best help site EVVAR
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    everyone keep viewing and not helping, i keep gettin 16.66, EVERY WAY I TRY, but that doesnt fit the position equation correctly
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    16.66 for the initial velocity BY THE WAY
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