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Homework Help: One dimensional kinematics

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    The area under both curves (velocity vs time) from t =0 to t =tf is the same. Which of the following quantities is the same from t =0 to t = tf?

    A. average position B. average velocity C.average accerleration D. total displacement
    E. jerk( the derivative of accerleration.

    THE correct answer is D, but I think B and D both work, cuz average v = total displacement/time. so is the answer key wrong?

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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi yti1211! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    hmm … I was going to say rubbish, you don't understand this …

    but I think you're right!! :biggrin:

    (Unless, of course, the curves have different tfs:

    D is correct even for different tfs, but B is correct only for the same tfs.)
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    haha, thx tiny-tim! :))
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