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One Dream, One purpose, One Goal ... Only !

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    my name is Firas, I am from Beirut Lebanon, I'm a Mechanical Engineering student, well actually i finished all my courses in February 2015 for the Master's Degree but still have my senior project, so i am still working on it, it's a Formula 1 scaled RC car 1/4, i am doing all the work by myself from designing to study to research to construction, so yes very hard work and time consuming but it is worth it !

    my big problem is that i like many fields, art (i do realistic drawings and else), programming (i used to do some game programming, web programming) but now focused only on arduino, electronics is one of the things i like
    but above all my real passion is Formula 1 and Formula 1 only ! I am working my *** days and nights just for that.
    I joined this forum to get more information about science related to automotive subjects and i have some questions, and i hope to be part of this community.

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    Welcome to PF!
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