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One Extremly Difficult Math ?

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    y[tex]\diamond[/tex] is defined for all positive integer values of y as the product of all positive odd factors of 3y. For example, 6[tex]\diamond[/tex]= 1 x 3 x 9 = 27. What is the value of 4[tex]\diamond[/tex]?

    Answer: 3

    I tried this question and i got it wrong. This question is on the Kaplan SAT Practice Test.
    I want to know how they got the solution to this problem. Can you provide an explanation for this question???

    Thank You for your time....


    BTW, I do not know where to post this question, so I decided this would be the best place.....
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    4[tex]\diamond[/tex] would be the product of all positive odd factors of 3(4) = 12...which would be 1 x 3 = 3.
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