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One is public, One is private, which is true, which is false

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    He is called Chris, from USA.
    He has 2 girlfriends-Oh yeah I suppose thats girlfriends.
    One is called Joni-a 'mixed' kid of a Westerner and an Asian, the other is called Kathy from USA-not sure because Vance has never met her before.
    Kathy helps him with his job and many other things. He calls her Katie sometimes.
    He thought Joni had 'some secrets'-some truth around her-that are hidden under her hats. He tried all the way to look for them. However, whenever he came near Joni, Kathy appeared and got really mad about it "Liars, Wicked, Boymonster"-she yelled like that. He had to stay away from Iona. Since he still wanted to know some of the secrets Joni is keeping. He had to send messages to Kathy and appeased her that, "this is really important, you shouldnt do like that, you embarassed me, I am true to you...That kid is just for fun, i never pay attention to "it", true, please trust me, I like you, only you. This time you should stay put, I will try to 'tickle' her till she says everything. I have that talent because she is in love with me whereas I amnot, when in love, you also see how stupid is that kid parading around on the stage like a clown and we actually have fun many times you remember?"

    I know Joni since we were in high school, she actually has nothing secrets to keep...I dont know if that is a good or bad point to advise her to stop the stupid thing she is doing, because I dont want to jump into her private life, but at least and as a friend, I would also like to have some suggestions or nice advice for her best...I dont know from where to tell her so as to shed a real light on the bad point that she actually already saw but didnt feel or do it...

    I post this in this forum as I actually want some of your philosophical viewpoints about this problem, please help me, so that I can help my friend...

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't understand it, philosophically speaking the starting point of helping yourself to understand it would be to be able to communicate the problem more clearly. My guess is that you are talking about how sometimes everyone can seem to have two sides to them or more, or multiple personalities and you want to know how to get the good one to come out of a person more often than the "bad" one?
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    Yes, perhaps I werent able to communicate with other as well as many others...

    It is not about 'seem', it is a story I know, and i am asking for advice and help..
    What exactly are you thinking about what i am talking about ?

    If that is your guess, can you give me your advice about the story I made, that I think would make me more perfect then since I can tell my friend about who i am and help her out of this difficult situation...

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    Okay, I am sorry, please forget about what i said...Really sorry, true, really true..

    Okay, i ll let go o it. I shouldnt have created this thread talking about something people actually dont understand. I am crazie! did go gaga gaga.
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