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One of your Glorious Moments!

  1. Aug 6, 2011 #1
    Glorious Moment

    In High School one of the gang I hung out with (two trumpet, two clarinet and one french horn player) had a penchant for throwing puns into the conversation. It was such a regular occurrence the response of "2/3 of a pun,(pause) PU" was the standard continuation. This response was normally in school and probably was as much for whoever else was listening as for us. Once when the 5 of us were driving somewhere -can't remember the details, Jim-the punster threw in one of his puns and someone threw in the line "2/3 of a pun" but left out the obvious, to all of us, continuation. I though about fractions and came up with "Yes, delivered by a halfwit." Everyone cracked up. A glorious moment.

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