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News One Person (Beth Twitty) Making a Difference

  1. Jun 27, 2005 #1
    One Person (Beth Holloway Twitty) Making a Difference

    The news coverage and events that have unfolded in Aruba over the disappearance of 18 year old Natalee Holloway have been extraordinary in revealing previously unknown dangers and a possible corrupt judicial system in this island paradise, highly visited by Americans and Westeners.

    Initially, Natalee's disappearance received just an average amount of coverage by national media, but then seemed to fall dormant for a week or so. The media had been spoofed in recent months by the Atlanta run-away bride, Michael Jackson trial, and a few other media low points. The U.S. media needed a make-over, and it seems now they've found it in the tenacity and activism begun by one person, Mrs. Beth Holloway Twitty, the mother of Natalee Holloway. After some 10 days without any answers regarding the disappearance of her daughter, Beth Twitty put on her boxing gloves and took on the Aruban government and their judicial system. Her style and tenacity brought back 24/7 national media coverage, which has now turned international.

    In the last week, the world has been able to view an extraordinary story of a botched police investigation, a credible missing person report, and possible corruption within a supposed Westernized island nation. This island is frequented by Westerners and under supposed control of the Netherlands. We're not talking of a Third World country of 30 years ago, or one under part Communist control. This is a 21st Century Westernized island nation that up until now, was thought to be very safe and modernized.

    Yes, sadly there have been limited efforts by the Bush Administration, politicians, and the U.S. FBI to press this government for answers. Progress seems to come like one would have observed of a 17th Century judicial system. Any progress that has come, has come from the dedicated efforts of the Holloway family, the more recent volunteers, and a media willing to follow something of substance.

    Hats off to Beth Twitty and all those working on behalf of the Holloway family. This story exemplifies how "One Person Can Make a Difference." It's far from over yet. Though I've got a feeling that before it is, "Heads are going to roll." And yes, this time the media got it right. They picked a story to follow 24/7 that has real "substance" and relevance to America.

    Do you agree?
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  3. Jul 1, 2005 #2
    Perhaps foreign policy displomats around the world could learn a great deal from the manner in which Beth Holloway Twitty and the Holloway family have handled this extraordinarily frustrating predicament in Aruba, over the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

    The family has remained very kind, courageous, and persistent, and has exercised great patience and retraint when the Aruban officials certainly were well-deserving of a tongue-lashing. It appears the family's patience may now be paying off - with an Alabama Senator today writing a critical letter to President Bush and the FBI. Given all the conflicts today around the world, the Holloway family should be commended and emulated for the dignified manner in which they handled this very frustrating incident. It appears that what has held the family together, has been their trust in humanity and their personal spiritual (religious) beliefs.

    Having said that, however, I do find it odd in that the Republican right gave the cause for Terri Schiavo an extraordinary amount of attention and priority, but have remained mostly silent in this equally deserving life and death matter for Natalee Holloway.
  4. Jul 11, 2005 #3
    White House Choosing to Sit on Sidelines

    As the poorly handled missing person investigation of Natalee Holloway appears to be winding down in Aruba, one can't help but think - could the White House bring pressure.

    All the White House need say is, "We would like to have the U.S. FBI assist in the interrogation and investigation of the suspects." GW is missing out on a key opportunity to regain some of his credibility and popularity. This case also concerns proferring international guidelines for protection of human rights for Americans and others around the globe.
  5. Jul 14, 2005 #4
    Help for Beth

    Could someone please contact Natalie’s mom about this. All efforts seem to be going no where. I am a psychic detective fan and when there seems to be no other way, I would go to anyone who could help. I know Mr. Twitty mentioned that the family had been working with psychics. Well, anyway here is a list of psychics that I hope are still where I list them.
    1. Phil Jordan of Spencer, NY, Tioga County; contact Detective Dave Redsicker of the Spencer Police Dept. 2. Nancy Orlen Weber of Belvidere, New Jersey, Warren County; contact Warren County Sherrif Dept., Investigator, Dave Heater for help. 3. Nancy Myer of Chicago, IL; contact Detective Bill Johnston of Chicago Police Department or Detective Pat McCurlly.
    4. Noreen Ranier of Carmel, ND; contact Detective Bill Collins or Luckee Carey for help.
    I hope someone will pass this on to Natalie’s mom. Maybe they could give her some answers. I've listed these in order of who I think would be best.
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    They'll probably get the same crap they got when they tried to intervene in that shiavo case.

    I do find it amazing that we're cheering on someone who got their 1 child's missing case put on international news for so long. I mean really... ten thousand kids probably went missing around the world in the time this news coverage has been going on for 1. Although, i guess people are rather lazy in these matters until the worlds eye is on them...
  7. Jul 14, 2005 #6
    No, really? Corruption? In the western world! I don't believe it!

    To myself, and probably every person in the State I live in, this story is about a million times less substantial and relevant then numerous important issues which go unreported. Important issues which are usually complicated, morally ambiguous, and potentially messy - things that make the public feel bad about itself - hence bad ratings. As tragic as a death of a person may be, this story is not news, and the networks which give it so much coverage are abdicating their responsibility to keep the public informed and aware.

    Since when does "western" = "safe"? The USA has one of the highest violent crime rates in the western world. In the year 2000, there were 1.4 million violent crimes, including 15,000 murders. Would you say the USA was "not modernized" or "not safe"?

    Oh, so the American citizens are now being disenfranchised, eh? And the more than three hundred thousand child soldiers in Africa? And the uncounted millions of violent deaths and rapes in the Sudan over the past two decades? Those are "the others", as you call them - do they get their human rights after the Americans vacationing in the Carribean are all safe?

    Get some perspective.
  8. Jul 14, 2005 #7
    As a parent you half to advocate for your child. True this is only one child, but one parent missing one child can make a difference.

    John Walsh lost one little boy at a bus stop. And has sense helped catch 846 fugitives.

    All children are precious, one is not worth more then another, no matter where they are from. Its world wide problem with children missing.
  9. Jul 15, 2005 #8


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    One thing I have never heard from this case is why, a high school girl, was allowed to be/leave by herself at a bar (that I have been to myself) and leave with unknown people. Where the hell were her "friends" and the chaperones? I certainly hope the kids who witnessed her getting into a strange car alone and didn't immediately get a chaperone, are getting strung up by their private parts. They were not watching out for their friend.
  10. Jul 15, 2005 #9


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    It would take first the compliance of the other country, and then an act of Congress, just to give the FBI the authority to assist in an investigation on foreign soil. The White House can't just go over there and say they want the FBI to help out. Even in cases of domestic kidnapping, they only have jurisdiction to initiate an investigation if the victim is under 12 or if there is evidence of interstate travel.

    He was contrasting the western world with the non-western world. What does the US having a high violent crime rate relative to the rest of the western world have to do with it? It's still much safer in western Europe, the US, and Canada than it is in Africa or South America or Russia. I worked in the tourism industry in Southern California for about two years and I never once knew a foreign national to feel unsafe travelling here. As far as I know, there is only one incident of a tourist being murdered around here (a German in Venice Beach about five years ago) from this decade. Keep in mind, these people are generally visiting resorts and tourist attractions, which are almost always in gentrified areas. They aren't exactly trolling through South-Central.
  11. Jul 17, 2005 #10
    President Bush Should Issue Public Comment

    How well the investigation is handled is highly influenced by political pressure. Thus far, the U.S. has exerted none. If President Bush were to issue a public statement asking Holland for high level intervention, we would probably see it. Until now, the accused boy and his father have had their way with the investigation, and I suspect the father widely obstructed justice. It will be interesting to watch which position he holds next within that government and courts.

    As for NOT finding a body, my sources indicate an ideal method for disposing of a body on this island would be in a surfboard or windsurfer weighted bag loaded onto a small plane and dropped 50+ miles out to sea, or in a weighted package dropped from a large fishing boat in the early morning hours. This would have required the involvement of others, and a corrupt judge would have contacts in certain circles. Harbor and airport logs could prove interesting.
  12. Jul 17, 2005 #11
    What are your sources? If you have information the investigators don't, then you have no buisness posting it on an online forum instead of turning it over. If you don't, then you're just being speculative.
  13. Jul 22, 2005 #12
    The FBI is Now Invited In

    After nearly 7 weeks of family and media pressure on the Aruban judiciary and government regarding the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, on Friday, July 22nd, the Aruban government announced the FBI would have full access to all records, witnesses, and suspects. This family's persistence and patience has been extraordinary. These developments help clarify requisite standards in international law, which I view as necessary and progressive.

    Much still has to happen to bring resolution to this matter in Aruba. But today's developments are very encouraging. This is a great story to follow.
  14. Jul 22, 2005 #13
    I'm sorry... Why does this matter?
  15. Jul 25, 2005 #14
    Progress Negates Reinvention of the Wheel

    It matters because it's about setting standards in international law, whether it be criminal, civil, or business. It is hard to bring about progress in these areas. This matter may lead to changes in Dutch law. Once completed, such matters leave a new path towards minimizing "reinvention of the wheel," to benefit 1000's of subsequent matters around the globe.

    In this particular case, the family and media have succeeded in exposing outdated practices of Dutch law, as well as the ease that which judicial corrution likely penetrated Aruba's criminal justice system in this instance.
  16. Jul 25, 2005 #15
    Likely? As in, you're just making wild speculations without evidence?

    I'm not sure if this is connected to what you were thinking about:

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