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Homework Help: One question on cercular motion

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    just need to know what to do i keep getting different answers

    [SFHS99 7.P.44.] A 13750 N car traveling at 47.0 km/h rounds a curve of radius 2.60 102 m.

    (a) Find the centripetal acceleration of the car.

    .66 m/s sqaured

    (b) Find the force that maintains centripetal acceleration.
    <this is what i cant get right here is what i got please tell me what to do>





    those are the answers i got can someone please tell me the right answer and how to get it thats alot and equation would be nice i have been using

    ma = ma(v^2)/R

    (c) Find the minimum coefficient of static friction between the tires and the road that will allow the car to round the curve safely

    .067 = coef.

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    The equation you're using has a typo.
    It's supposed to be ma = mv2 / R (without that extra a).

    a) I got a different answer (R = 102m, if I understood the numbers right?)
    b) and c) Could you show what you've tried, and why?
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