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One question on conservation of mass and energy

  1. Oct 13, 2004 #1
    with relativistic concepts in mind

    A Kaon split into 2 pions, One pion is stationary and one is stil moving in the same direciton.

    For Kaon rest mass = 497.67MeV/c^2
    Pion = 139.57MeV/c^2

    What is the kineric energy of the kaon and what is the energy of hte pion not at rest.

    Since momentum is conserved

    Let gamma = G

    G1 Mk Vk = Gp Mp Vp

    Also energy is conserved

    Kk + Mk c^2 = Mp c^2 + Mp c^2 (G2 - 1)
    Kk + Mkc^2 = G2 Mp c^2

    Where Kk i the kinetic energy of the kaon and Mk is the mass of the kaon, Mp is the mass of pion, G2 is the lorentz factor of the pion in motion

    I am stuck here however and i have no clue on how to proceed with out velocities!
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