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One Reality

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    This much I know is True. It is beyond question, beyond reason or doubt. It is not faith. It is conviction, knowledge, Truth. There one, one reality, one universe, one that is all, all that was, all that is, all that will ever be. It is one and one is all that is.

    We with our analytical, linear, compartmentalizing minds see three aspects or realms of reality - spirit, mental and physical. We split, divide, separate and assign values where there is none.

    There is no separation, no division, no different values or levels. There is no duality, no dichotomy, no split or gap. They are all one and they are all real. There is only one reality.

    We, being physical beings living in a physical world which we can touch, feel, see, taste, measure, manipulate and effect, think of this physical world, universe as the ultimate reality and all else, mental and spirit as being less real, even unreal, questioning that they exist at all. We also believe that since the physical realm is the most if not the only real reality, that all there is, is the result and/or effect of physical matter and energy. This belief has been called materialism or physicalism. It is, of course, wrong as it contains within itself contradictions, oxymorons, paradoxes as well as absurdities and false limits leading to dead ends and infinities. All is one and one is all that is.

    Spirit is real. Some would say it is the ultimate reality from which all else comes. Spirit, God, is the source of all. Spirit gives rise to thought, mentality, consciousness and awareness which in turn gives rise to or creates the physical, us, the World, the Universe. While this is true it is also not true as there is only one reality and one is all that is.

    It has been said that the spirit is the ultimate reality and that the physical realm is the illusion. This too in not true as the physical is real, of the one reality. It is only true in so far as the artist is more real than the work of art he created. A painting is made of wood, canvas and pigment in a medium. It is real. As a work of art the painting is real though the artist uses techniques of illusion to give the art depth and presence. It has value beyond that of the materials used to make it. As art it touches us, inspires us, gives us a sense of awe and wonder and evokes feelings and emotions. The art is real, as real as the frame, material and paint. Yet, we often think the artist that created it as more real. How can one thing be more or less real than another thing when there is only one reality and all that is, is one.

    There is mentality, consciousness, awareness and thought which some believe are not really real and have no existence of themselves but are only effects of the physical. Yet it is the very thoughts, ideas, consciousness, awareness, philosophies, sciences, theories and logic that mankind has used to change the world. How can that which can change, effect and manipulate physical reality be less real than that which it changes and manipulates. How can that which is only an effect of the physical change the physical itself? There is only one reality and one is all that is.

    Thought, consciousness, awareness must have a source, some say. Something must give rise to consciousness, must create or is consciousness. This source must be the spirit, as the spirit is the source of all. True, but what is spirit without consciousness, awareness? Spirit is consciousness, awareness. Spirit is the one reality. Spirit is all that is and all that is, is spirit. It is real. It is consciousness. It is the universe. It is spirit, consciousness and physical and all real, the one reality that is all that is.

    Reality cannot be separated, divided, compartmentalized or split. One cannot and does not exist without the other. It is all real and all one reality. Space time matter and energy are all part of that which we call physical. The physical is one realm of reality. Space cannot exist without time, energy and matter. Time cannot exist without space, matter and energy. Matter cannot exist without time, space and energy. Energy cannot exist without time, space and matter. Physics is the study of these relationships and interactions.
    The physical cannot and does not exist without mentality, consciousness and awareness and mentality, consciousness, awareness does not exist without spirit. Nor does the spirit exist without consciousness and physics.

    We call the study of the physical, physics.
    We call the study of consciousness, philosophy.
    We call the study of the spirit, religion.

    Yet it is all the same. It has been said that science is discovering the mind of God. Can we study the mind without learning something of the spirit? Can we study the spirit without learning something of the mind? Can we study physics without learning of both the mind and the spirit for they are all one reality and one is all that is.

    Can we learn and appreciate art by studying only the materials of the frame, material and paint?
    No, but we can learn something of the artist.

    Can we learn and appreciate art and ignore the materials used?
    No for the medium and material is part of the art and the artist. Nor can we know all of the artist without studying his art and the materials he used.

    We cannot know one without knowing something of the other for it is all one and one is all that is.

    We cannot deny one without denying the other, denying, indeed, ourselves.
    We cannot ignore one and know all about the other for to know one is to know the other as there is one and only one reality and one is all that is. It is not the god of gaps nor of the paradoxes nor absurdities of reason. Nor, is it the supernatural versus natural. It is only the gaps, paradoxes, absurdities of trying to reason with only one part of reality without or outside of all of reality. That is unreal. That is unnatural

    There is one, one reality and all that is, is one.
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