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One serious request!

  1. Feb 13, 2007 #1
    ~~one serious request!!~~

    One serious request ...
    Can anyone tell me ...
    I have got ProE woldfire 2.0

    But I couldn't find a suitable book for the same version. All I can find is the book for proe wildfire3.0 .. but cant buy the software of Pro-e wildfire 3.0 .. ..so I will have to stick with the second version of the software .. i.e. pro-e wildfire 2.0. Now the question that arises is that "Can I study Pro-e 2.0 using the book for 3.0 ? Becoz I assume that the sofware must be upgraded and I dont think that it would have gone under a complete change! So if anyone who has an Idea how far this software has been changed in the third version mind telling me? Or anyone knows a guy who knows this and can ask him and tell me?

    Thanx a lot everyone for ur support!!
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