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News One World government.

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    "will it ever happen?"

    vote it out of office when you become of age. That'll stop it.

    Son, sin persisst enfronion are freesing.
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    “Mr. Rockefeller’s conclusion was that this was a battle between rational and irrational thought. Rational people favoured globalisation. Irrational people preferred nationalism.”
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    It is as appealing as cancer. Rockefeller's conclusion was flawed because he doesn't understand the issues.

    You have the seedlings of world government at the UN...check up on the radicals who founded it : and now dictators, murderers, etc who suppress their own people, prohibit women from driving or voting, outlaw religions different from the majority, practice extermination of other races or tribes, and some cultures that maime women sitting..all sitting on the UN Human Rights Commission?????, for example. Cuba? Iran? A number of African dictatorships....Jolly good show!!

    Among those most at risk under any world government: minorities of any type, whether via race, religion, or national origin plus gays, jews and women.

    --Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941)

    Ronald Reagan
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