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Online Biology Curriculum

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    Is anyone aware of software that can be purchased for a college level course in general biology taught completely via the internet ?
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    Actually. If you're in Canada. We have open universities via the internet.

    http://www.athabascau.ca/" [Broken]

    You pay your tuition and you get the materials and everything for the degree. Which is just as difficult or moreso compared to the classroom university. Even more important is that you don't have to have some stupid minimum marks or have certain classes to be accepted into the group you wish to be in.

    So instead of college diploma via the internet, you could work 10x harder and go for a university degree. Which will allow you to go much further.
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    cool.never knew we had that stuff in canada.

    Have you tried MIT:OCW open courseware stuff.
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    As far as I know. The MIT:OCW stuff doesn't actually test you and at the end give you a degree which is recognized. So without a degree there is nothing at all proving you know the coursework. Personally I could go through first and second year of physics @ undergraduate level and basically know 80% of it; with a guaranteed 100% for year one. Without any transcripts or degree/diploma I can't show I know the stuff.
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