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Online BS any good?

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    FSU has an online BS program in computer science. I plan on tranfering into the program when I graduate from my local community college. The degree is NO different than the one I would have gotten from the university, employers won't be able to tell I took the classes online. I just want to get some input on it from you guys.... what do you think?
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    I think it will be fine, if you say it's the same as a regular B.S.. Computer science can be taught online just as easily as in person. You'll get a "lecture" over an email probably and then an assignment to write up a program. I'd say take it if you can. Only problem would be all the other classes required for your B.S....
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    Yes, I have completed most of them already. I am looking into that though. I may have to take TWO semesters of a foriegn language which would add to my time at the CC here. I am already on my 5th semester (next one will be my last if I dont have to take any extra classes)
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