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Calculators Online calculator help needed for homework

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    gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood evening everybody, hows everything??

    ok i just had a quick little question, how the heck do you use this kind of online graphing calculator?? its not quite a TI but i need somethin for my homework (havent gotten one of my own right now, well i had one but lets just say i dont have it anymore :cry: :cry: :cry: ). heres the site:


    anybody have any clues?????

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    I have no idea,maybe someone else can help with a graph.What function do you need to plot...?

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    math joke:


    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :tongue2:

    (thanks for your help though! :smile:.)
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    hey thanks a lot bro! that did the trick! u know what i was doing before? i put in the whole equation in there, i did this:


    y=1-x^2 <---i wrote the whole thing out like that and pressed "enter"

    but i didnt realize that i dont need to put the "y equals" (y=) part on there!

    thanks a lot!!
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    you're very welcome. The link I gave you seems to be a much better calculator though. :wink:
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    oh no,ur absolutely right, i didn't mean that i was going to use that other one, because i do like the one you gave, its much more user-friendly than that one i was using before! thanks a lot, and i'm sorry if i sounded like i didnt appreciate the link u gave me, because i do appreciate it and i'm actually using it right now. :smile: :cool: :smile:
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    hey, would any of you know where i could find an equation that would let me graph a hamburger, or fries? i heard that someone once graphed that on their calculator, so i was just wondering if such an equation exists (or any equation that would allow a person to "draw" on there).

    thanks btw! :smile:
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    Nah, I wasn't implying that, just throwing out my opinion.

    lol they probably just drew it haha... but that would be an awesome function
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    hey those sound soo cool but i have 2 "disabilities" man, all i see in the "pretty print" is an awesome little square with a red X in the middle and when i tried to graph those on that sweet online grapher, it doesn't at all look like what they described. i think its because the settings are different.

    graph of this on the online site :9 * sin(5 * θ)^2 - 2 * cos(θ)^4

    Chinese Star? or Mike Tyson in the 7th round? :biggrin: :biggrin: :rofl: (replace the θ with x on the online grapher)..

    that was a great site though, thanks a lot, i'm gonna try all those once i get a calculator. :smile:
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