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Online contest

  1. May 6, 2004 #1
    I study electrical engineering and I would like to face some real-life problem and try to solve it.
    Anyone knows any web page where I could find some contests regarding mathematics physics or electrical engineering?
    Any Information would be helpful.
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    Design a circuit using a 555 timer that oscillates with a period of 1 second and duty cycle of 50%.

    - Warren
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    Circuit Cellar usually has contests. Also, swing by the piclist. There used to be a monthly contest there as well.
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    A simple transmitter and receiver is always a popular mid-level undergrad design project. It is relatively easy to build (since the components used have been constantly improved for the last 60 years) while at the same time allowing a demonstration of what my EE profs liked to call "black magic" (AKA "practical manipulation of EM radiation").
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    Check with your IEEE branch and see if they're having any student design competitions next semester.
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