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Online courses or projects

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    I'm thinking to take some online courses like on Udemy, but I am not sure if this will add value to my CV by itself or I need to do some projects on the topic of interest to show employers what I know. What do you think?

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    For clarification: I first posted this on career guidance because it is pertaining to finding a job. I didn't go into much details, but I want to find a job in a field in which I have no practical experience or official credentials. The new field is Data Science, and my background is Electrical and Computer Engineering.
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    Depending on your background in EE and CPE I wouldnt say you have no practical experience...

    If you have a strong programming background you are in a close parallel field. I know more than a few EEs that moved to the data field.
    Even if you are a hardware engineer, the background can be similar. For example if you have experience working with large (referring to the data) matlab simulations.

    The issue with online courses is the standards they are held to and the standards you are held to when given a pass fail. The issue is the amount of rigor. But they will show one thing... You have a strong desire to move into that field. I don't know if they will actually show that you are a qualified candidate, but they will (hopefully) teach you the skills you need to succeed in the field

    Do you currently work? Are you a student? are you looking for a job out of school but havent found one yet?
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    I have some programming backgrounds in MATLAB (during my mater and PhD degrees) and C++ and C# (during my bachelor's degree). I am learning R and Python. I don't know SQL, yet. My background in EE is wireless communications, and thus I have a strong background in statistics. I think I have the backgrounds the will help me in the data field. I applied to many positions in the data field (junior and senior) , but all seem to think I am not qualified to even be called for an interview (I had just one phone interview)!! Currently, I am not working. I finished school, and worked as a postdoc for 2 years. I am searching for a full-time position in the job market.
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