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Online electronics solved exercises needed

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    Hi there all!

    I am sitting for an electronics subject for an Applied Physics course I'm studying here in Greece, but as the educational system does not make you attend the courses (in class), I don't have any solved exercises on Electronics!

    I made a quick search all over the net, found many guides and complany stuff, but none with the pure old tangible solved exercise! The problem is greek universities want you only to know how to solve excersices and I don't!

    My subject contains operational amplifiers, transistors, current and voltage sources, photomultipliers, lock-in amplifiers, zener diodes, signal to noise measurement, ion vacuum "producers", and the like. Well, mostly the first 3 at the moment but we are getting to the others as well, and I need to be prepared.

    I would appreciate any solved exercises (even for math or physics) over the net I could get my "hands" on.

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
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    I must bump up this! Please, guys! I'm desperate!!!!
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    ion vacum producers??

    Search through this forum (might need to go thread by thread) and the homework forums and you'll find links to solving problems for op-amps, NPN or PNP transistors and FETs, kirchoff's laws, and much more. It may not be obvious but you can look since it sounds like you have more time than resources.

    In addition the local libraries may have good books with exercises and at some schools tutors are available to assist as well.

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