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Online handbook?

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    I have a lab report due tomorrow morning and I need to put some infos about the reactants (is this the correct english word?) we used. More precisely, I need to know their boiling point, molar weight, melting point, solubility in water (and ethanol if possible), density of liquids. The reactants I am talking about are Dichloromethane, [tex]MgSO_4[/tex], Caffeine( [tex]C_{8}H_{10}N_{4}O_{2}[/tex] ), water and NaOH. If somebody could post a link (on a good website) where I could find those informations or just write them from a handbook with the reference it would be very cool. For now I found all the info I need about the caffeine on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caffeine and http://www.angelo.edu/faculty/kboudrea/molecules/caffeine/caffeine.htm [Broken] but I can't find the properties of other reactants.

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    Molar Weight : 85 g/mol
    Appearance: colourless liquid
    Melting point: -97 C
    Boiling point: 40 C
    Water solubility: slight


    Appearance: colourless odourless crystals or white powder
    Molar Weight: 120.36 g/mol
    Solubility: Very soluble in water. Not in ethanol.
    Melting Point: 1124C (2055F)
    Boiling Point: Not applicable.


    MP : 0 C
    BP : 100 C
    Molar Weight : 18 g/mol
    Solubility : Immiscible with ethanol


    Appearance: White, deliquescent pellets or flakes.
    Molar Weight: 40.00 g/mol
    Boiling Point: 1390C (2534F)
    Melting Point: 318C (604F)
    Solubility: 111 g/100 g of water.
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    Usually Googling with "sodium hydroxide msds" or "dichloromethane msds", etc works pretty well.
    MSDS stands for materials safety data sheet.
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    Thanks for the tip! Paper handbook are so outdated...
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    I found that : "Water Solubility is infinite in alcohols (ethanol, methanol), but negligible in gasoline." here: http://www.greenfuels.org/ethanolterms.html [Broken]
    But you wrote it's imiscible in water so I'm a little confused...

    I also guess the infos in the MSDS are taken at 0°C ?
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    I think MSDS is the most reliable information after scientific ones. If you have a library connection, please refer to Combined Chemical Dictionary, a.k.a. ChemNetBase. The information you'll find there will be the best ones.

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    Oopps ! Yes, I meant "miscible".

    Unless otherwise stated, data provided are taken at 0 deg C and 1 atm pressure.
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