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Online Mathamatics Course

  1. Nov 14, 2016 #1
    Hello all!
    I am currently looking to take some online mathematics course from an accredited college, more accurately the Calculus series...Calc I,II, and III. I want my courses to transfer to a brick and mortar state school when I am capable of enrolling full time in school. I worry about take classes from the advertised schools as they are for profit schools and I worry about the transferring of credits later on. Any insight on the issue would be greatly appreciative.

    Thanks for your time and help
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    My suggestion would be to check with the schools you might attend to see what online courses they might accept. Sometimes you can test out of a course (no credit) so that you can take a tougher course where it's a prerequisite. As an example you test out of Calc 1 so you can take Calc 2.

    For topic refresh you can look at khans academy or mathispower4u for short video tutorials on math from high school to first year college.
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    Why for profit? There are some community colleges that offer online calculus courses. You should check and see if the CC you plan to attend at a later date offers such a course. That would ensure the course is at least some what compareable to the brick and mortar course offered at the same institution.

    Although I generally don't recommend online courses at all. If this is your only option though, it's better than Phoenix or something.
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