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  1. Jul 3, 2016 #1
    I am in the US Navy and i am always on the move. i have been stationed overseas for 6 years and will now be moving to Italy for as my next duty station. i have always wanted to get a degree in physics but it is very difficult to do so under these nomadic pretenses. Are there any universities that offer a BS in physics online?
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    Are there? Yes.

    Are any of them advisable, I would say no.

    I'm assuming you reenlisted already, is your duty station in Italy considered a shore or ship rotation? If ship, will you have the chance for a shore duty station when you come up for orders again? If so, what I would recommend is taking one in San Diego, and going to one of the many great local community colleges at night. You'll be able to complete roughly half the degree there.

    After which, if you plan on staying in, try to get into the STA-21 (do they still call it that?) program, try to transfer within the UC system, and complete your degree. Then you'll also earn a commission to take you to retirement. They also have programs for graduate school after.

    If you planned on getting out, the GI bill provides great benefits for completing your degree, and some GE classes can be taken through one of the Navy's correspondence programs.
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    Please read this thread:


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