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Online repository of publication titles?

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    Hi everybody,

    Is anyone here aware of a (free, if possible) online directory which lists all papers published in science? Not the papers themselves, of course, just the titles and authors, and if possible, abstracts. There are several tools online such as Scitation and SciFinder but they aren't comprehensive (Scitation for just the physical sciences, SciFinder for chemistry). Google Scholar isn't too hot either, as its spiders are banned from several large online publishers. I thought maybe some papers might have an RSS-feed sort of thing going on that I can track, but I can't seem to find such services wherever I looked.

    Any suggestions?

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    AFAIK the most comprehensive ones are INSPEC and Web of Knowledge(which is the web interface to Science Citation Index Expanded and a few other databases). Neither is free.

    I actually like Google Schoolar, at least it does a good job of finding papers in my field (solid state physics/quantum information processing) and also indexes the arXiv which is a big plus. At work I have acces to Web of Knowledge but rarely uses it.
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    Thank you. I've used INSPEC previously, but was hoping there would be something even more comprehensive :). Haven't used Web of Knowledge but I think we have a subscription here, so I'll look into it.

    http://www.physicallyincorrect.com/" [Broken]
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    I doubt such a single resource exists right now.
    The selection of fields is too broad... and how can you cover every journal? Can you even find a list of journals? I assume that you want only peer-reviewed papers... in English?
    Unlike other resources, Google Scholar locates some titles from citations in other papers.
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