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Online resources

  1. Jan 17, 2007 #1

    im currently coming up to my main gcses and have found my stupid maths teacher hasnt covered all the syllabus and i need to teach myself the rest of it...

    i'll also be doing maths and further maths and A-level, and then some abract or theoretical physics and maths thing at uni.

    basically, what im asking is are there any decent online resources for me touse to teach myself, because atm ive only got my textbook and id quite like some additonall sources to work with.

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    Gib Z

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    This website, wikipedia helps alot, the wolfram resources website, http://www.calc101.com/webMathematica/ [Broken] will help you with some Calculus.

    What exactly have you missed out on? I can't think of what else you need. Post questions here if you need to, but before doing so make sure you have at least an understanding of the fundamentals of that subject.
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    mathworld.com and its physics companion. Provides many references to other sources.
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