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Online Survey Solution

  1. Mar 21, 2012 #1
    I am trying to collect survey data for a charity. We've got $0 and the online surveys i've used were horrible. We need pictures and more than 10 questions. I used surveygizmo but after the 14day trial, no answers can be retreived, nightmare!

    So I want to make a survey with word, excel, php, or w/e will work and host it somewhere free. The results need to end up on a spreadsheet and can't be aggregated. That is, we need to know that respondent #23 said True to question #5 rather than "32 people said True to question #5." I know some programming basic but i'm not sure thebest way to go about this. I also need to put pictures for some questions.

    The survey will be advertised on facebook, hosted on a free site, and the answers should be emailed or stored somewhere for later analysis.

    Any solutions?
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