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Calculators Online TI-83?

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    Hello everyone. My graphing calculator recently died on me, and I need it over Easter weekend to finish up some work. Is there any applet online or free program that I can use to temporarily replace the TI-83? I need it to be able to perform quadratic regression from plotted points.

    Thanks. Some of the reviews on amazon mention an update
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    Excel will do most anything that your TI-83 will (at least in terms of data analysis).

    Alternatively, if you're willing to spend a little time learning some syntax, there is a program which you will probably find much nicer in the long run, and that is free, called R:

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    no ROM

    Afro_Akuma, i hope you have a friend with another TI-83 so you can rip the rom from it! I am in the same situation, but I need a rom image for the calculator! Looks like I will be searching for a spare TI83 to barrow!
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    Your reply is a bit late. :wink: Still having a website that can perform calculator functions should not be that hard. I imagine flash can emulate the ti-83 online pretty well
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    Plan study abroad study Mathematics

    they are offering Online TI-83 service in mathematical courses of few universities.
    however, you can find many agencies offering such services, but few can offer all this for free and online experts can help the people who contact them.
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    go hp, the calcs are much better quality
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    Try http://www.graphcalc.com" [Broken]. It is updated fairly often. Otherwise just google search.
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    A really neat new online graphing tool is https://www.desmos.com/calculator

    I've been in contact with them in hopes of them creating an easy way to port graphs to PF.
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