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Online undergraduate reading resource for Astrophysics request

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    Hello everyone,

    I am searching for a whole course on undergraduate Astrophysics which cover some topics like: formation of stars/accretion disk/hertzsprung russel diagram/ energy transport and generation in stars etc..

    I have been searching only to coming up with some course either very qualitative or too high level :(.

    So if you know a good webpage of some college professors offering this course please point out to me so I dont have come up here with too many questions.

    thanks alot
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    I really appreciate that but I am looking for something really specific about this subject

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    Mt recommendation is "An introduction to Modern Astrophysics" Bradley W. Carroll & Dale A. Ostlie, pub. Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-54730-9.

    It is not only comprehensive but cheap for a hardback of that size (1325 pages + appendixes)

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