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Online Universities

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    I'm thinking about pursuing further education online (haven't decided what program yet), and was wondering if anyone could suggest good online universities, from which a degree would be respected by other institutions/employers?

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    The only one I can recommend is the open university - but it's in the UK.
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    Once you decided on what area you are interested in, you'll probably find that there are quite a few fully accredited universities that offer degrees via online format (i.e. distance education). Most, if not all of them, will be the exact same degree you get by sitting in a classroom.

    Caveat: they require more self-discipline and are generally harder since you don't have a face to face and student to student interaction.

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    If you're looking for schools with solid reputations, try Ivy-League, even though the cost is astronomical. Besides that, I do know that the University of Phoenix is a well known online school that companies respect, but they mainly deal with Business.
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll post again if/when I decide what I want to take.
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