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Only A Movie

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    The new film 'chaos' is a remake of 'last house on the left' looks pretty creepy:

    look what happened to the cast & crew though:

    Kevin Gage, the star who played Chaos, remains in prison since shortly after the picture was completed nearly two years ago.

    Dwight Krizman, partner to David DeFalco and Steven Jay Bernheim, arrested for murdering his wife during the filming of Chaos was charged with 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 15 years to life.

    Steven Jay Bernheim’s brand new Ferrari 350 Modena that took him a year to get, mysteriously burst into flames during the filming of Chaos. David DeFalco later identified the three sixes (666) on the vehicle. Finally, in late 2004 the vehicle has been finished being repaired.

    A disgruntled set worker, Luis Arroyo, filed a class action lawsuit against Nowhere House LLC, the Chaos production company. The judge assigned to the case, Judge Buckner, blew his brains out and the case was since settled.

    Writer/Director David DeFalco has had his own battle with “demons” and his physical appearance has altered dramatically since the filming of Chaos.

    Actress KC Kelly, who played the role of Daisy, was so psychologically affected by the movie, she became agoraphobic for six months after the filming.

    Writer/Director David “the Demon” DeFalco has been permanently terminated from the 24 Hour Fitness gym chain in Los Angeles due to members being in fear of their lives with him working out there.
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