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Only two

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    That is all that is needed, three would be too complex, one can get the harmonics from two,
    it hard to imagine there being three, but may be the third is an echo ?
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    Wolram, it is a strange topic of discussion.
    Hard to know if it is trivial or to be taken seriously.
    Is it a real physics question, or just some philosophical preferences people have?

    You are probably talking about George Matsas' paper.

    The most remarkable thing is Matsas claim that what he is saying is empirically verifiable in the laboratory (!) in other words for him it is not just philosophy.

    he says all you need is two dimensionful constants.
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    He must be right, why ever would one need more, one can get every thing from two and there harmonics, there may be a third (secondary) that is not (primary) the illusionary one.
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