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Oocyte division question

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    If two oocytes are considered, does taking the nuclear material of one and transferring to the other's nucleus start the division of it ?
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    Fervent Freyja

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    That happens with oogonia. During development the primordial germ cells form and become oogonia through mitosis (by millions), then they can become primary oocytes.
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    Thanks. But this process cannot be considered as an artificial fecondation ?
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    jim mcnamara

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    It is not artificial fertilization. Correct. What @Fervent Freyja defined above is normal reproduction.
    I believe you are asking: under the microscope, can one take the nucleus (nuclear mterial) from one oocyte and insert it into another oocyte. Then expect the oocyte (now 2n) to undergo normal cell division to create an embryo? i.e., artificial fertilization.

    I do not know.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    Absolutely not. What you are asking about would imply that males aren't needed, that's impossible, and a harmful notion. You need a sperm for fertilization to create an embryo. The genetic material from the sperm actually contributes far more than half to the embryo, and also contributes further in ways that the genetic material in the oocyte does not; of course, mainstream would like people to believe differently. There is even evidence that my body could still be harboring and using my Husbands genetic material in different locations, even my brain, years after pregnancy.

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