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Ooh conspiracy

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    Just a thought.

    Do you think I can be tracked down by any govt. and denied access to any country or be detained fro something I post on an online forum like this one???

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    In theory you could be tracked. There are programs called Key Loggers which can enter your computer via a connection to the Internet and sit on your hard drive. Anything you type in can, theoretically, be recorded at a remote site. You could arm yourself with some Anti-Spy software but they have back doors so......
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    Do you combine your interests in a wine glass and fall out of the window whilst setting fire to the curtains?
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    Yes, you can be tracked by the admin, the ISP, the webhost. Or with a subpoena the local police.

    In most countries, visiting and posting messages on a forum or surfing websites is not really unconstitutional.

    Unless you live in China, where online gaming is being cracked down. Most sites which are considered "questionable" gets blocked by their great firewall.
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    Do what I do. Use someone else's computer.
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    Or go to multiproxy.org and just use proxies, It will slow you down though.
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    That's what I do - Don't have the 'net at home (yes, people like us still do exist!!) so use my varsity's PC's!!!

    Anyway, the reason why I wanna know is that it doesn't reallly make sense does it? It's like censorship of thought isn't it? Kinda like religion in the dark ages where radical thought meant you'd be burnt at the stake. I'm just thinking that my right to "free speech (thought)" as such would be violated if I was to be tracked down. Not that I've done anything bad though...
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    What's the alternative, Shahil? Say nothing that offends people who hold views that oppose your own? Freedom of expression is worth a few travel restrictions, in my opinion.
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