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Ooze in space?

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    Is it possible for a gelatinous, ooze kind of substance to exist in the vacuum of space? If it is possible, what would such a substance likely be comprised of?
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    Ok I've seen a lot of questions asked here on PF, but I just have to ask: What made you think of this?

    As a partial response, by "ooze" I think you mean some relatively viscous substance. And the answer is it is probably not possible simply because the vacuum of space is so cold. If something like this ooze were to exist, it would immediately become rigid due to the low temperature (I don't see how it could come to be in the first place though).
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    There's not much in the vacuum of space.
    That said, it's not a perfect vacuum. The main thing you find is dust and dust big enough to be considered micro-meteors (which can be going v. fast, at that!)
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    Yes, I imagine it is a rather strange question to ask. To answer yours, I am a writer and I have a concept in my head for something (far out sci-fi) and wanted to know if there was any scientific base to it. It seems you confirmed my initial thought which is that an ooze would require moisture to be present and such moisture in the vacuum of space would freeze, rendering the substance distinctly unlike ooze.
    Thanks for your consideration of my crazy question :-)
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    daward, this idea reminds me of the sci-fi classics: "The Blob" and of course "Green Slime". Maybe your ooze wouldn't freeze if it was radioactive?!
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    google has something under "vacuum putty"
    may not be what you want
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    Indeed it would be reminiscent of those classics! After reading the replies here, I was considering the possibility of an "unknown" substance which has an incredibly low freezing point and as this particular substance grows nearer to our sun, it begins to thaw, becoming the ooze-like substance. Great forum here, though and thanks for your prompt replies. I'm coming here for all my physics questions from now on!
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