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Op-Amp Gain

  1. May 26, 2007 #1

    I'm currently making a hydrophone and I'm planning to use a piezo crystal as a sound receiver whose output I then intend to put through an op-amp. Berkeman recently raised an interesting point about voltage issues with op-amps so I thought I'd pose this question before proceeding any further.

    I expect the signal to be of the order of millivolts and I want to turn it into something audible with headphones. Would a LM741 op-amp be okay for this or are it's limitations to severe? I'm guess I'd need a gain of about 1000 for it to work?

    Can anyone help? Sorry to post yet another topic but why not take advantage of other people's expertise :wink:
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    I'd recommend you use a TL082 for a microphone, probably is also avialable in radio shack. The chip is based of jfets which provide a very high input impedance, much higher than LM741. Also you get two opamp in this chip.
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    Thanks waht :redface:
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    please shows me about LM741 or MA741.Thank You very much!
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    hahaha...is this an example of a closed loop search?
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    Recursion: See Recursion. :biggrin:
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