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Op-Amp Integrator

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    I'm having trouble understanding how this actually works. I understand that it integrates the input voltage and that the output voltage is the same as the voltage passing over the capacitor in the circuit. What i dont understand is why this causes the ramping effect?
    I'm thinking it may have to do with one voltage being integrated by the integrator with relation to the capacitor and the resistor which creates a different value for the voltage which then gets integrated...etc. which then causes different values which plotted on a graph would give the ramp effect.
    Is this how it works? thanks for the help.
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    I just realised i neglected the time that this takes to happen. As its due to a certain time interval im not sure whether what i originally assumed is correct. Now im confused as to where time fits in with all this.
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    Sorry i realised i didnt take the fact that it is time dependant into my assumption. In this case im even more confused heh.
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