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Op Amp

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    Hello, for technical reasons I'm looking for a schematic of an Op Amp built with discret components and having GBP over 30 MHz.
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    Is this a class assignment? Otherwise, I can think of no reasons why discreet component construction is preferable to a monolithic op-amp.
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    Hello, thanks for your reply. In fact I previously used an monolithic IC existing only in smd packaging, and as these IC's are very sensitive to Esd, it was necessary to replace them very often, and moving an smd off ... That the reason for which I had rather to use discrete components easy to replace.
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    Most IC packages will have the schematic included in the datasheet. Though the finer details of the channel widths and such are probably omitted.
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    You can easily protect a chip from ESD with external diodes. Making a discrete op-amp for that bandwidth would be far more difficult than just adding those diodes. If you've some problem with just using diodes, we can discuss fancier protection circuits--which would still be orders of magnitude simpler than designing a discrete op amp.
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