Op Amplifier Circuit

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Homework Statement

Design an op amp circuit that acts as low-pass filter with the following transfer function

G(s) = 10/(s +10)

Homework Equations

Inverting operational amplifier Vo(s)/Vi(s) = Z2(s)/Z1(s)

Non-inverting operational amplifier Vo(s)/Vi(s) = Z1(s) + Z2(s)/ Z1(s)

The Attempt at a Solution

The fact that there is no negative sign in the transfer function leads me to believe I need to use the non-inverting equation, but I can't seem to find any combination of components that cancel out and gives me the given transfer function.

Answers and Replies

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I think you can get that single pole with a passive R-C low-pass filter. Can you buffer its output with a voltage follower?
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Takes 4 R's and 2 C's. The two C's have the same value, and 2 of the R's are 10 times the value of the other two. Yes, the input is via the + op amp input pin.