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Open science, Openworm

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    Hi PF members,

    I'm writing code for OpenWorm this summer. Our goal is to simulate the entire worm C. elegans for the purposes of testing biophysical models at the level of single cells, of systems of cells, and of interaction with the worm's environment. Our current focus is on the nervous system and musculature needed for movement, but we're also working on modeling development and aging as well. More information is available on the link above and on the Kickstarter page linked below.

    Our Kickstarter campaign has *only 3 hours left* and $10,000 to reach our goal. Donations fund engineering efforts in the project, pay for servers, and allow for expanding education and outreach about open science. Any amount helps.

    Note: I am not in any way being funded through this campaign

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    Physics Forums has pledged $15 :)
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    The campaign was a success! Thanks to all who contributed to our funding -- your support won't be in vain.

    Also to any who looked into OpenWorm and chose to support the project in other ways :)
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    Glad to hear it worked :smile:
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