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Open Source Hack And Patch Future Of Linux

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    OPEN SOURCE HACK AND PATCH WEBSITE the game hacking and pathcing linux system each hack and patch comes with a set of points points are awarded base on how many hacks and patch each use will climb a top 100 board to see who is the best. Patcher is the new term of the future no hacker. It would make the most secure linux based system in the wourld and would only cost $300 dollors start up cost people could post in the alt.hacker news group to get the hackers/patcher. In why hack i patch becasue in time fortian 500 companies will hire form this web site people with out degress would be the most powerful and well paid.

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    You really do live in a parallel universe, don't you?

    - Warren
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    I already asked selfAdjoint if we could ban him from the forums... hes really getting old like yesterday


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    I have deleted his threads and requested that he be banned.
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